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Estate Costa Rica, Central America.


Four generations cultivating top quality, single origin specialty coffee.

Zalmari Coffee Estate lies in the micro-region of Cachí, Orosí Valley in Costa Rica, Central America.  This beautiful area known as the Cachí Valley is nestled between volcanic mountain ranges with water sheds of fresh, crystal clear water.

Farm production methods combined with environmentally friendly practices produce top quality coffee in harmony with nature.

We grow Caturra, Bourbon and Obatá, Arabica hybrid varieties.

Our SHB is cultivated at 1200 meters above sea level.  This provides the essential cold evening temperatures to ensure the optimum conditions needed to produce a rich, full flavored drink.

Fourth generation Cecilia Genis runs Zalmari Coffee Estate together with her mother Marigold Murray.  They both continue to carry on the family’s tradition of social and responsible farming practices.

The families coffee affair began in 1914 and their commitment to quality coffee and community continues to be the strongest thread from generation to generation.

Micro Mill

We started our own micro processing plant in 1997. The milling is done with reduced amounts of water which goes to the settling ponds after the process is completed. We dry on African Beds and give the finishing touch in the dryers.


Our Team


  • Cinthya Solano

    Farm Manager, Born and raised on Zalmari Estate Studied Business Àdministration

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    Farm Manager
  • Melania Coto

    Four years with Zalmari Estate.

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    Assistant Farm Manager
  • Coffee Consultant and Administrator

    2009 to present, Master in Business Administration enfasis on Finance, Agricultural Engineer.

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    Coffee Consultant and Administrator

Farm and Mill

International Clients

We enjoy dealing with local and international clients. Zalmari is presently selling green coffee to clients in Europe, United States and Taiwan. We are also selling roasted coffee to local clients in Costa Rican coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. Nevertheless, we are always looking forward to expanding our clientele.



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